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‘High Times’ Partners With Clio To Launch Clio Cannabis


In an expansion of its portfolio of verticals, Clio has partnered with veteran cannabis brand High Times to launch Clio Cannabis.

The awards will celebrate those creators at the forefront of marketing and advertising for cannabis products and mark the first time cannabis companies will be recognized by the 60-year-old Clio

“As the oldest, most trusted voice in the industry and the only global brand in cannabis, it’s our business to connect brands and consumers,” Kraig Fox, CEO at High
Times Holding Corp, told Publishers Daily. “This partnership with Clio, which is the definitive recognition for advertising agencies and creatives, will help to shine a spotlight on
all of the great work and creativity coming out of the cannabis community right now.”



The new vertical joins other Clio verticals that include sports, music, entertainment, health,
fashion and advertising.

“The level of talent and commitment that we’ve seen across the board from cannabis companies — which are already navigating a challenging regulatory
landscape as it relates to marketing — is at a place where it deserves recognition,” said Fox.

He added: “We also hope this will help attract even more talented creatives
and companies to get involved in the cannabis space as it continues to gain momentum and mainstream acceptance by the media and global population.”

Those involved in the cannabis space
can submit work across advocacy, brand design, digital/mobile, film/video, partnerships and collaborations, print and out of home, product design, social media and social good mediums.

A jury
of industry professionals will evaluate the work.

Clio president Nicole Purcell stated that Clio Cannabis is “poised to set the bar for creative work in a rapidly expanding industry,
help to build an understanding of a developing category, and elevate the marketplace to solicit creative contributions from top talent and agencies.”

Submissions open August 26, 2019.

Full story is available here.

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