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Stone me! The UK's first cannabis cafe to open in Brighton

Stone me! The UK’s first cannabis cafe to open in Brighton

The Canna Kitchen will be a vegetarian and vegan restaurant with all dishes and cocktails having the option of containing cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive legal constituent of cannabis, believed to have therapeutic benefits.

It is opening on Duke Street, on the former Vapour Evolution shop, which founder Sammy Ben-Rabah also operates.

As well as CBD, The Canna Kitchen uses other legal, non-psychoactive cannabinoids CBG and CBN, alongside flavours and fragrances from the cannabis plant.

Dishes include zaa’tar roast cauliflower, hemp heart tabbouleh, smoked aubergine, sesame cavolo nero and CBD tahini cream; and buckwheat and beetroot pancake, roast roots, rocket and cbd cashew cheese.

In addition to the The Canna Kitchen, there will be a CBD café and dispensary upstairs with infused cakes, drinks and beverages, called the Hemp Earth Dispensary

There will also be a roof terrace, for vaping and a CBD Turkish coffee and mint tea.

Downstairs in the basement will be a log cabin-style chill-out lounge with non-alcoholic CBD infused cocktails.

“The numerous beneficial properties of the cannabis plant have always inspired me,” says Ben-Rabah, who also owns online vape business UK Vapour. “It is one of the most versatile crops in nature, with potential applications in almost every area of our modern life.

“Cannabis is a true gift, and one that if utilised properly could begin to remedy many of the ecological challenges of our time. It also happens to be the most nutritionally complete human food source on the planet, with a host of therapeutic benefits. We are seeking to change misconceptions around this plant by introducing it to people in a form they may not have encountered before.

Full story is available here.

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