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Quebecers lead the nation in not admitting cannabis use: StatsCan

Quebecers lead the nation in not admitting cannabis use: StatsCan

Statistics Canada says about two-thirds of casual cannabis users say they didn’t spend anything on the drug in the past three months, chalking it up to a sharing culture among marijuana users. A man shares a his marijuana joint during the annual 4/20 marijuana celebration on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Friday, April 20, 2018.


Quebecers seem to be the least likely group of Canadians to admit to smoking cannabis, data from Statistics Canada suggests.

While nearly 25 per cent of Nova Scotians and 20 per cent of British Columbia residents admitted to lighting up between July and September of this year, placing both provinces above the national average of 15.2 per cent, only 10.1 per cent of Quebecers admit to using cannabis during the period under study.

That’s noticeably less than the 13.8 per cent recorded in New Brunswick or the 15.1 per cent in Ontario.

StatsCan notes also that two-thirds of occasional cannabis users say they didn’t pay for their high during the three-month period, relying on the “sharing culture” in a “social context.”

Meanwhile, the federal agency found that 14 per cent of occasional users spent $251-$500 on cannabis during the period studied, with three per cent admitting to paying more than $1,000 for the drug.

The survey found that men (18 per cent) consume more frequently than women (12 per cent), and that use lessens with age with admitted consumption standing at 27 per cent for respondents aged 15-24, twice the rate as that reported for older age groups.

However, a more chilling statistic was found when 16 per cent of respondents aged 15-24 said they had been passengers in vehicles driven by someone who had consumed cannabis in the previous two hours — a proportion four times higher than that recorded among older age groups.

Full story is available here.

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