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OMA president takes back comments that recreational cannabis is a ‘gateway drug’

LONDON, Ont. — The president of the Ontario Medical Association says she misspoke when she said recreational cannabis is a “gateway drug” to harder substances.

On CBC Radio’s London Morning earlier this week, Dr. Nadia Alam said recreational cannabis can cause anxiety, withdrawal symptoms for people who become addicted, and lead to the use of harder drugs.

Several members of the medical community spoke out against her statements, and on Saturday Alam wrote on Twitter that she “misspoke” during the interview.

Alam wrote that she does not believe recreational cannabis is a gateway drug, and she thanked her colleagues for correcting her.

She tweeted that while recreational cannabis can still cause anxiety and lead to addiction, she doesn’t think it lead people to use harder substances.

The CBC published an article on Saturday in which Alam took back her earlier comments.

Full story is available here.

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