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Grandmother spared jail after saying £26,000 cannabis haul was to bake cakes

Grandmother spared jail after saying £26,000 cannabis haul was to bake cakes

A grandmother found with £26,000 worth of cannabis in her house has been spared jail after telling police she was using it to bake cakes.

Anita Jones, 51, was living the high life with 25 cannabis plants growing in the attic of her flat in Cardiff.

When officers asked her how she learned to grow it, she simply replied: ‘By Googling everything.’

Anita Jones, 51, was spared jail at Cardiff Crown Court (Picture: Mark Lewis / Media Wales)

Cardiff Crown Court heard police searched her home in Ely, west Cardiff, on May 24 and found nine mature cannabis plants along with 16 cuttings.

Prosecutors said the potential street value was estimated to be between £8,000 and £26,000.

Officers also found equipment including fertiliser, lights and a watering can in the attic.

In her police interview she stated she had no intention of selling any of her crop.

Police found 25 cannabis plants at the grandmother’s flat (Picture: Media Wales)

She denied being threatened or intimidated into growing the plants and said she was the only person with a key to her flat.

Jones, 51, from Cymric Close, admitted producing cannabis and abstracting electricity.

She pleaded guilty on the basis it was all for personal use and told the court that she was in an abusive relationship and had started drinking to help her cope.

Jones added that she’d had a stroke and suffered from anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

Anita Jones said she was using it to bake brownies and cakes (Picture: Media Wales)

The court heard she had stopped drinking but started using cannabis two years later after smoking with a friend.

She said she then began to cook with it by putting it in butter to make cookies, cakes and brownies.

Jones told the court she decided to try growing the plants earlier this year as she was buying cannabis regularly.

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Oliver Harris, prosecuting, asked her why she decided to grow so many plants.

The defendant replied she was not sure how many of the plants would survive or how much cannabis they would produce.

Mr Harris suggested it would have taken her more than a year to use what she was growing. Jones replied that she had not done precise calculations.

Judge Richard Williams imposed a 12-month community order on Jones that requires her to complete 14 days in rehab.

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Full story is available here.

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