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Fourth annual Cannabis Classic rolls through Anchorage this weekend

Fourth annual Cannabis Classic rolls through Anchorage this weekend

This weekend is exciting for the Alaskan Cannabis Industry, as the 4th Annual Cannabis Classic will be held on Saturday May 19 in Anchorage. The event is an industry awards show and growers competition, sponsored by Pakalolo Supply Company of Fairbanks.  

The Cannabis Classic is designed to honor the legal industry and recognize those who play a dedicated role in making it what it’s become today. It’s taken many committed individuals to make this industry the thriving reality it’s grown to be. The Cannabis Classic offers a space for those involved to network, celebrate, and compete.

This year’s event is being catered by “Best of Alaska” Winner Sal’s New York Grill, promising to be a hit with a tasty lineup of various sliders and chocolate-dipped strawberries. The event will also be hosted by a local DJ (to be announced), so remember to bring your boogie shoes.

I reached out to a few friends who’ll be attending the event, wondering exactly what part everyone’s most looking forward to. The answer was almost unanimous, and not surprising at all: It’s all about the people.

When asked what she was most looking forward to about the event, Tina Smith of Midnight Greenery and host of the YouTube show, ‘Through The Looking Glass’, responded, “The gathering of the industry is what I’m looking forward to most. We don’t have many opportunities to gather together and this industry is full of the most passionate and compassionate people I’ve ever met. That’s the part I’m looking forward to. Seeing the people that have created this industry.”

Evan Schlosberg of The Frost Frontier responded, “My favorite thing about the Classic every year is that it brings people together throughout the industry and puts us all together in one place. It’s good for networking, putting a face to a name, meeting new people and new businesses. The events and the awards shows are fun, the best part is the people.”

Rocky Brown, General Manager and grower for Alaska Precision told me, “I normally show up for a few hours. As to what I like most? I look forward to just enjoying getting together with the Cannabis community and seeing how it’s grown every year. These events are like big family reunions where we can all share what we’ve been working on and been doing. It’s just awesome to watch the cannabis community as it grows.”

Ember Haynes, owner of Denali Hemp Company, is excited about something else. “I’m looking forward to checking out the variety of body products out on the market now and hoping to bring home lots of samples!” She also plans on bringing tubes of her fabulous chapstick to gift herself. If you’ve yet to try it, do yourself a favor and pick up a tube. My favorite is the silver capped option.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the same thing everyone else is; seeing industry friends and honoring those who’ve put in the 10,000 hours to make this industry a reality. I’m humbled to have been welcomed so warmly into this community.

This year, Enlighten is hosting a morning yoga class to kick off the celebration. Bring your mat and prepare for a 60 minute mediacted yoga session with Enlighten co-owner and cannabis enthusiast Leah Levinton. If you’ve yet to try medicated yoga, you’re in for a treat. It’s part of my favorite morning ritual, offering a wonderful opportunity for self reflection and a chance to truly connect with the body and breath.

Tickets can be purchased at gocannabisclassic.com. Come join us as we celebrate those who’ve made an impact on the industry.

I’ll be sitting in with Tina Smith on Through The Looking Glass, An Insider’s Guide Into The Alaska Cannabis Industry And Culture, Saturday afternoon before the awards show.

Join us on YouTube as we discuss the event and what it means to be part of this growing industry.

Full story is available here.

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